"Whoever You Are, I want To Thank You"

Just a couple weeks ago, my friends and I did a show at Upright Citizens Brigade theater in NYC. It went great and there were laughs and good times had.

For me though, after a show like that, and after kicking around this business for a couple years, I’m star struck, not by the show, but by the crowds. I’m grateful. When anything in my life is happening, TV airings, screenings, sneak peeks (like a film I’m doing right now) or a live show, when, (movie preview voice) “in a worrrllllddd” where so much is going on, at any given time you could be doing anything, the fact people come out and pack a theater or venue, that’s what I take away, when LEAF started its tour a few years back (I know I know “about a month later than expected”) and we had some packed shows 2 straight weeks, one even after a blizzard, I took the Q&A from the theater to the parking lot in icy zero degree weather, because I was so star struck that so many great people cared to come out and hang out and see the film, there was no way I was leaving the venue that night without hearing everyone’s feedback and answering everyone’s questions. It blows me away, it will always blow me away. “Thank You” isn’t a big enough word, it just isn’t. So please know, whenever there’s a screening and anyone comes out, there are people star struck, but trust me it’s not the audience, it’s the people up front. I thank anyone and everyone who’s followed me along this journey, I always say “thank you”, sometimes I’ll bring an audience snacks and thanks, that’s not me trying to be silly or funny. That’s me, being blown away, anyone would give me a couple of hours. I’m thankful, I’m grateful, and my next film is about to start it’s tour here in the coming months (more on that later) and I assure you, during this tour I’ll answer every question, I’ll tell stories about how we made it, but really, what I really want to do is have a bowl of chips with each and every one of you and thank you so much, because you could be doing ANYTHING, and you’re out there with us. I’ll always be star struck by all of you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Your Friend, Tim



For my summer so far, a lot of it has been bouncing around like this life often requires, however, lately, I’ve been back hard at work with Upright Citizens Brigade. Now some may ask WHAT IS THAT? It’s sort of Saturday Night Live feeling monologues/sketch comedy started in Chicago by the legendary Matt Walsh, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts and Amy Poehler and is now set up in Los Angeles and New York City, it’s live and absolutely without a net. Also, without writing, you go out there with some of the funniest people on the planet without a single game plan. A suggestion is yelled from the audience. No way to have any idea what’s coming. After someone from the crowd yells something, like “chainsaw” 3 monologues happen, that actually happened to us in real life, somehow “chainsaw” related, and from those monologues, come sketches, on the fly. 3 acts, and who knows what happens. It’s invigorating, to be able to work on a film or tv show, you get takes, opportunities to try things over again etc etc, with UCB, not only do you bypass any chances to get it perfect, you also bypass anything that had been written for you, it organically happens, right there on the spot in front of everyone. When it fails? It stings a little, but when it works…it’s downright blissful. So my friends and I go out there and act up, get laughs (hopefully) and it’s really creative and fun (and scary sometimes). So there will be a big ole monster show coming up on Saturday 8/8/15 at the original venue for Upright, it’s on 307 W 26th Street in Chelsea NYC (right off of 8th ave), we start at 1pm. We end when they shut us down, or kick us out, even if they kick us out, it’s not to say the show won’t spill on to the street. There’s been an UCB TV show on Comedy Central (here's a clip! , the crew has played Bonaroo, they’re in LA now at Franklin Ave, there is even a “Del Close Marathon” in New York which was something like 72 hours of comedy, this year was torrential downpours and we STILL had amazing crowds and some amazing jokes. This is my year 2 of this, last year my friends and I played and had a blast, this year my friends and I have been playing later, there have been some late late nights roaming around NYC doing our thing. So Saturday on 8/8 will be a culmination of working together and laughing together for a while. Hope you can all come, if not, totally understood, it’s a Saturday in Summertime, if you’re not around NYC, go play at the beach, but if you are in the tri state area? Come on out, laugh a little, dance a little, we’ll take good care of you.

So when is this madness?:Saturday 8/8/15 starts 1pm ends whenever who knows
Cost?: 5 dollars? 5-ish dollars? I don’t know. The 5 spot goes to the theater to keep things swanky. 5-ish is good. Could it be 10-ish? I don’t think so, tell you what, check back here later if you don’t mind, I’ll get the exact amount. I bet 5-ish dollars that it’s 5-ish dollars to get in. (UPDATE! CONFIRMED! 5 SMACKERS)
Who’ll be there?: Some really really funny people. I’ll be there trying to be as funny as them. Won’t be easy. These are FUNNY FUNNY peeps.
What’s happening afterward? I don’t know, let’s all hang out. It’s right there in Manhattan. Let’s eat ramen or noodles of some kind together.

After Saturday I’ll likely be kicking around the city doing “Barrel on Broadway” a little more and doing that tour all over the place. I’m doing this as a “pop up” tour, basically showing up unannounced and doing the show for free. I look forward to getting that show in a few more cities, I’ve been eyeballing the great state of Pennsylvania on that one. More on that to come, more on everything to come…lots to tell you all about in the coming weeks, but until then, let’s hang out on 8/8! Saturday!

Love all y’all,




I originally wrote this story the day after this incident took place. This was a small little indie film called "Suhani", and what happened one day on the set:

"Had to share this insane story. Not sure if everyone knows, but first time something I’ve written has gone into production by other filmmakers. So it’s been neat. It’s called “Suhani”.Yesterday they were filming at a set that was built at the State owned building. I went in there and WOW, full crew, catering, the full 9, great actors, good people, great times. Have a look at the first photo (first photo only!) look! Neat right? While you’re looking at that photo, please take a quick glance at the light over the actresses’s head in the back.

Filming keeps going. And I’m impressed with the quality of everything, the directing, the acting, this is going to be a really great looking flick. The second I said that to myself. That light you looked at in photo #1? Got a little hot. And when I say “a little hot” I mean “Holy Sh!t it set off the sprinklers!” Now I’ve never been on the receiving end of these sprinklers. It was a BLAST and it didn’t stop and it had chemicals in it and SO MUCH WATER. You know what, why am I even explaining? Have a look at photo #2 (lower left corner).

Chaos. Absolute chaos. The first move, was for everyone to get the equipment out there….but at that point there alarms were blasting and an automatic message blaring over the speakers “evacuate evacuate!” water was all over the place….so I run to get a screwdriver to get the camera out of its rig….go into a linoleum area and WHAM! Slip and slid a good 20 feet. To be honest, that was sort of fun. Know what wasn’t fun? The fire marshall screaming at all of us to get out of there. And I did. After I stopped to take pictures of the sprinkler-blast to show all of you. (Sharing is Caring)

So we get the cast and crew and equipment out of there, oh…. and by the way, we were on the 10th floor and the elevators shut down automatically. So I did some seriously running up and down some steps to make sure the cast and crew and equipment were all safe and then the fire trucks came and they ALL CAME (which is awesome that so much help came so quickly) have a look at pic #3 in lower right corner if you’d like.

Not looking good, looks like the set is completely washed out (actually I looked at the 6th and 8th floor too…looks like the whole building is washed out), there’s a deadline to finish filming and I’m pretty sure we’re banned from the City, even the basement flooded. So just imagine all of that water….going and flooding all 10 floors and the basement. (I oddly had a nice conversation with the lady who owned the office space and I said “So we can come back in and film right?” and she said “yes” but did it sort of in a funny jokey way, where you’re not sure if she’s serious or not?)

Everything is insured, but I was bummed we lost the movie shoot days….or did we? After I got home and got into dry clothes. I wrote the whole incident (and pending location change) into the movie, where it not only made sense, it really worked (especially since the movie began filming at Niagara Falls…I just tied them together). Looks like as of this morning…. the movie will go on.

Never a dull moment.

Bet Spike Lee never went through this."

So how did it all turn out after this?

The film gods smiled upon us. Where so many times in this business the film world can turn ugly, somehow the conjured spirits of (I don’t know, who are the film gods? Federico Fellini, Paul Newman and Sidney Lumet? THAT WORKS. They must have realized the cast and crew loved them and decided to smile down on us.) The state owned building cleaned itself up, turned out alright and wait for it….LET US BACK IN TO FINISH FILMING. Fortunately that new ending I’d written in (in wet socks, I know the original story had me wearing dry clothes, but I very distinctly remember tapping away on the script with my legs stretched out and feeling wet socks) wasn't needed and “Suhani” completed filming. Mauro Giuffrida and Jeff Bader finished post production and I’m really proud of it. They really kept the spirit and feeling I was trying to convey when I wrote this, I’m always proud of those guys anyway, but very distinctly proud of how they continued production through a really tough obstacle (which was big enough for anyone to justifiably say "lets cancel the rest of the shoot) and finished this sweet little film.

The film is awaiting it’s release but WAIT WHAT, it’s currently online? Password isn’t on it? Well then, until that changes, have a free look at SUHANI!

I’m pretty sure my socks are likely still soaked from this day. No dryer, no sunlight or physics could compete with drying those soaked things.

Enjoy the film! No one ever said it was easy.

Take care and be good, Tim

Suhani from Indie Frame Films on Vimeo.



This thing was supposed to go up SO much sooner!

I managed to cross off a bucket list item AND manage to help out Special Olympics by tossing myself into the icy cold Atlantic Ocean a few weeks back on Super Bowl Sunday.

So how was it?

It was incredible.

I got down to the beach (or down na’ shore if you say things New Jersey style) and had no idea to what to expect. It was SO many people, I think the count was close to 10,000 ocean jumping maniacs? Plus they brought their crews, and all of a sudden we had close to 20,000-30,000 people, all out for the cause, but 30,000 people about to do some crazy stuff? The vibe was GREAT, it was a real party atmosphere, costumes, food, all kinds of things going on, mix it in with guitar players, dj’s, and it turned out to be this incredibly festive time…

Then it was time…everyone started running towards the ocean, I jumped in (just a bathing suit, no shirt or anything, after all, if you’re going to do it, DO IT, you know?) so I jumped in while blasting bare chest with 10,000 of my new friends, oh yeah, it was cold, SOOOOO cold it almost felt like a burn. But hey, I was in it, so I swam out to the medical staff in scuba gear and high fived them all before swimming back to shore and bundling up.

What a fun time. However, your toes and ears take the longest time to thaw out, and I kept reaching down to make sure I had pants on since I was cold and numb (fortunately, pants were on)

All in all the day raised just under a million dollars, and equally as important? I met the police officer who was caught on youtube dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”. All in a day’s work. (Wow 31+ million views on this!

Definitely going to have to go jump in that icy cold ocean again next year for the cause…see you all there? I’ll likely be the guy double checking that his pants are still on while dancing to Taylor Swift.

Take care and be good,



Something I do a lot is try and help out wherever I can. Special Olympics is an organization that always needs help. So about 6 or 7 years ago I went out of my way to help wherever and whenever I could. A few months ago at their annual fall festival, I was doing my part (I was helping the Olympic games on the volleyball courts).

Now the Special Olympics are for warriors to win medals and compete with intellectual disabilities of some kind. When I’m there, I’m inspired. There’s no excuse to not hit the gym or play a sport or do something physically. Any excuse I may make is nonsense because these athletes are doing amazing things, they do their best and they try their hardest.

Now normally that would just be something I’d just do and shut up about it. On the last function, there was an athlete there in her 20’s or maybe 30’s, I was talking with the coaches and athletes and the coach told me this story about this young lady.

She wasn’t born with any intellectual disabilities, she was born and grew up without them, until high school. She attended a swanky high school (I was told the name of it but won’t mention it here) big tuitions are involved and “prestige” is attached to the name of it. So this young lady was just doing normal high school things, classes, activities whatever and for whatever reason…she started to get picked on, and picked on, and picked on. She was picked on and bullied relentlessly, until one day, her lights went out. She didn’t speak or acknowledge anyone or anything for 5 years. After 5 years she emerged, but was dealing with a severe case of schizophrenia after that. She was never the same.

This broke my heart. I watched her as she sat on the sidelines (she has an attack many times a day where she just would sit, you couldn’t tell there was anything going on with her, her attacks were all internalized) so she wasn’t able to compete in the games. This is her life now. This wasn’t a disability she was born with, this was something that happened to her because of cruelty, because of meanness. Now this, is of course where assho-- um, "cynics" may say “well who knows what her state may have been to begin with before the bullying” but wouldn’t that be the same situation for any of us? Who knows what anyone is dealing with on a daily basis. Who knows how long, we or anyone can be pushed before maybe something like that could happen to any of us? So it was a reminder to me, to remember to be a little nicer to folks, because I don’t know what they may be dealing with or what sort of struggle in their life they may be dealing with. (Side note to any bullies reading this, "SUCK LESS. Thanks"-ed)

So after that, I wanted to do more. I wanted to raise a little funds and awareness, and what I’ll be doing this Sunday in a mystical magical place called “Delaware” is jumping into the icy Atlantic Ocean for the annual Special Olympics “Polar Bear Plunge”. I have no idea what to expect, I was told that I'll likely look silly and the sand is something no one sees coming, it’s just icy icy cold. It’s all good, I’m belly flopping into it. It’s the least I can do. Maybe the great Otis Redding was right, maybe it’s a good thing to “try a little tenderness”.

Stay tuned, I’m sure there’ll be a picture of all of this coming, so, to be continued....

Take care and be good,

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