Sneak Preview of "A Deeper Shade of Soul" 

So I did the whole "poor Woody Allen thing" and did a no budget film that I wrote and directed called "A Deeper Shade of Soul" it's a quirky little funny film, and includes, quite possibly, the only funny stalker portrayed on film. We've been working so hard on promoting "13th Grade", but next Monday, we'll be getting this film out there. It's so small, I don't even have a poster for it yet, but I'll have one for the new year, when we start to let this film see the light of day too!

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I know that this time of year is so awkward trying to be poltically correct...which songs do I play?When I send out my well wishes... Is it Merry Christmas? Season's Greetings or Happy Holidays? Really it doesn't matter, as long as your listening to the great Nate McDonald cd's "Christmas Candles".

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Cousin Casey on MAD MONEY

Has anyone seen this show "Mad Money"? Basically it's this mad man right here...

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