My Troy McClure Day

Well we'd all think I learned a lesson or two after the whole Pepto story I told a few weeks back. Not the case. I get a call from my manager Melissa (did we all add her as a friend yet?) Saying "Monday, Medical detectives. Good times. One day. Good payday" Feeling I should do this one...

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6th and Market

After posting the blog about this story the other day, I remembered something funny that happened after the "pepto" appearance...on the way back to my car where I was going to speed home and try to forget about the embarassing appearance, when someone involved in the marketing campaign told me about a film they were in called "LIT".

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15th & Market

When I first thought of the title I wanted to thing of something cool, instead I went with the address, not nearly as cool as "53rd and 3rd" which is a song by the Ramones (a crazy song at that) has anyone seen this documentary on them? It's terrific. And a little dark. Notice how after Joey Ramone dies and after Joe Strummer of the Clash dies...all of these boy bands in hot topic clothes started calling themselves punk rockers (cough cough Good Charlotte cough cough stop stealing from Chris Rock's stand up and putting it in your songs)

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For me, the only thing better than a success story is a "go down in flames/so bad it's good" story. I thought about this the other day when I drove by one of those Chilis/Applebees type restaurants....

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"NO SLEEP TIL..."-The Beastie Boys 

Sorry for being bad keeping up with updates and e-mails these days...I've been very lucky, I'm in pre production on 2 films I will shoot at the same time...and that, right now brings the total projects I'm working on (in one way or another) to about six in the next 4-6 months. These 2 films are pretty different, but both tell pretty intriguing stories...

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