What a great show, and a huge turnout for a later Sunday night show. For that I'm so grateful to all of the good folks in the first state. I had the chance to see some great folks from all over, some folks I haven't seen in almost 15 years. So it was really great to catch up. We rocked some great trailers...Matt Martinez' "Dead To The World", Vince Corkadel's "Dust and Death", Hansi Oppenheimer's documentary on The Replacements called "Color Me Obsessed" and Jack Knapp's soon to be classic "Down With The Boogey". I was really glad to see such positive reactions to all of these films...the 4 filmmakers should take note, I think there's an eager crowd in the first state to check out these pictures.

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Ah, Delaware. The home of George Thorogood, Ryan Phillippe and whatever exactly a Blue Hen might be. Just a little reminder, we're rocking a show in NEWARK, DE this Sunday 4/20 at 8:15pm for "LEAF" at the Newark Cinema 3 at the Newark Shopping Center. Should be good times. Tickets are 3$ (I wanted a free show, the theater had to charge, and 3$ was the absolute minimum)

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"Reach for the Sun"

So LEAF is screening in the FIRST STATE of DELAWARE on April 20th, we’re playing the CINEMA 3 in NEWARK, DE, they gave me a 475 seat theater, are there even 475 people in Delaware? Boy, do I hope so. So in order to make a few appearances, I went out and had a Q&A with the great folks at Wilmington University....we talked about everything...dealing with being overwhelmed on a film set (that never goes away) what to do when rejection happens (it happens all the time keep your head biz is a see saw, big ups, big downs), stupid tv shows, carpet infomercials and Timothy Hutton.

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Look at this review of the movie of LEAF that someone just sent me "Carr appears to have talent and he appears to have charisma but after seeing him up close at the screening, we couldn’t decide if he was a nice guy or if he’s the type of spoiled twenty something actor who would make the tabloid magazines. He could be something to watch for in the future. Or he could be someone I’d see on the front page at a club misbehaving next to Mischa Barton."

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Eight Days a Week.

Well it’s here. It’s "Opening Day" for baseball, and for fans and non fans, it’s always a sure sign, the nice warm weather is coming. No more of this gray miserable east coast winter. It’s sort of the turnaround, the chance to change directions in case the year hasn’t been going your way. It’s almost like the "warm version" of New Years a brand new warm to get things going in the right direction...this is how I’m going to try and get started on Spring....please feel free to use this template to get your new fresh spring starts.... Monday...

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