"Now I guess I'll have to tell 'em That I got no cerebellum"-The Ramones
Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 12:41PM

Dear Friends,


Been overdue to talk to you all, (I feel like I’m always overdue, go through this site and anytime you see “delayed” “overdue” or “late” have a cookie. I have a feeling you may eat a LOT of cookies and I’m excited for you) but been going a steady pace lately, lots of live stuff going, been doing the “Jared Effing Kushner” show mostly in NYC, but started playing it in other venues....

But honestly, we’re doing this in live time, and the news has been going at a crazy place, so the SHOW has been going at a crazy pace, and before you know it, it’s 3am and you’re funneling coffee and singing “#1 Chief Rocka” over and over. However there’s some news on that, but I may have to put it in the next blog OH OKAY HERE IT IS, that live show is coming to TV, not sure how often and where but definitely in the tri state region, we’re live taping it in July. Stay tuned, not sure how it all works, but will try and get some tickets for y’all! But excited to share it.


Last month the good folks in Sarasota invited our film “King David” to play their fest.

Now, I’m in that flick for a second….because it was written and directed by my 10 year old son, Drew. Not a bad debut for a first film right? He played alongside some heavy hitters (Eric Stoltz was there! He’s been in 454385648 movies!), plus last month was “bring your kid to work” day, so pretty fitting his flick played the festival. Loved that Sarasota open the doors to the young filmmakers out there.


Now, a few months ago, I was geeking out here about a script I’d read and loved called “My Dad's First Dog” written by Santo Marabella. Well, low and behold, I then get a TV script by….Santo Marabella! (always talk about things you like, everyone, it only leads to more good things) called “Franklin Street Station”. We filmed the pilot episode in March:

it was finished by April....

It premiered in May! How about that turnaround? Great cast, great writing, great crew, an honor to be part of the whole thing, it’s a good show! It should be a really great series if we get that lucky.

James and David and I were on the red carpet, but we saw these young ladies and we knew they belonged on the red capet FAR more than we did, so we invited them along!

So with that, I’m overdue (cookie time!) on the film “Sunday. In Philly” and a few writing projects (I’m excited about this pilot called “The Groves” I’ll share more on soon), so the next few months will be buckling down and getting those finished, while I start, this Sunday, actually, a live show residence for the next 6 weeks or so in NYC (NY folks, where are ya? Let’s go have pizza), and I’m in early pre production on “Bartender’s Song” so between the next 6 weeks or so (8 weeks! Sorry, it’s just now turning June), that’s writing, live stuff, pre production, TV taping in July, TV making the rounds and just in case you’re not tired of looking at my big dumb face, they’ve been re running some old “Forensic Files” episodes and WOOK AT THAT BABY

(Here’s the full episode here, no need to “check your local listings” in Parking Lot Land)

Forensic Files - Season 4 Ep 8 Body of Evidence(1) from ParkingLotFilms on Vimeo.

Take care, be good, and don’t forget to keep being excellent to each other,



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