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"Heading out for the East Coast..."

Hi Friends! Just wanted to drop a quick note (anytime I say "quick note" that normally means "10 pages later") but had a pretty busy six day span I wanted to fill you all in on. Last week it all started, Thursday night I premiered a live show called "Jared Effing Kushner"at Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC and before you think your pal Timmy went all political on you, this show basically takes this guy who seems to be involved in every news headline, but actually hasn't said a whole lot, so why not put some words into his mouth and see where it goes? We end up diving into headlines, Elmo, "The Doors", Danzig etc. The first show went great, lots of jokes, lots of funny, lots of interesting perspectives from all sides of the political spectrum (seriously political spectrum, we talk Elmo), so we get to keep going, which is always a positive. Let's face it, the world is bonkers, we can all maybe laugh a little. Plus Ivanka endorsed this!* (*she did not)

From that busy NYC time I headed into a mythical little place called Delaware. Here I was spending the morning of Father's Day at Emmanuel Dining Hall, in affiliation with No Kid Hungry, and wanted to get some bellies full that maybe needed to be filled. The way I saw it, I'm a dad and grateful to be one. Why not help some other dads, kids, moms, families a little bit on Father's Day as well? Was happy to do it, was happy to roll up my sleeves and really work hard to make sure that day was as special as possible for everyone. Also, in case any of you were looking to do something similar, this is the time of year where these facilities really could use some help/volunteering/anything, around the winter holidays they get plenty of help, it's these warmer months when they could use a little more help, if you can, please, if not, I understand that too, see previous paragraph, I know the world is real bonkers these days.

So THEN, Monday night I'm pretty much doing a combination of Thursday and Sunday and I was in NYC for a dinner with the Steve Nash Foundation. Steve Nash is a former NBA player and a darn good one as well, we were working together for his "Showdown" Event which happened that Wednesday. What it is, is a charity type function, all to help the children of the world. This year the foundation was helping with The Starting Five which is a really interesting program which studies indicated how young kids do react differently to their parents and how it can be beneficial to their development, this link sounds way way way smarter than I do if you'd like to know more. That Monday night though I also ran into Eddie Burns at Penn Station, funny how things work out, Brothers McMullen was one of those flicks where I saw and thought "you know maybe I could try and write a movie too", that "Clerks" and Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing" and funny enough, my buddy JJ and Tai managed to get them all into a delightful film I had the pleasure of helping out on called "Film Hawk" which hit itunes this week! Lots of ways to watch that one, if you like (c'mon, you like)

Behind the scenes of "Film Hawk"! Left to right JJ, Kevin Smith, Bob Hawk, Tai and I think that's Mooby the Cow in the background. I'm not sure this "behind the scenes" pic has ever been shared? It's been shared now! See? Come here for a few jokes, leave here seeing some exclusive stuff! Fun right? Fun's what we do here.

Also since I mentioned Eddie Burns here, I'd love to share one of my favorite films of his, "Sidewalks of New York", funny, has some twists, great ending, and Stanley Tucci, how can you go wrong?

So Wednesday in Roosevelt Park, NYC, we all worked together for Steve Nash's foundation. I would have done this charity event anyway because it's a great cause, however I grew up watching Nash play and wrote this piece for SQ when Steve retired. Ready for this? One of the founders of SQ is Reuben Hampton, and who was in NYC helping with the cause that day? Reuben. See? Feels like we've been like Six Degrees of Separation on everything in this entire piece!


An all time great point guard right there smiling...with Steve Nash. OH OK FINE, STEVE'S THE GREAT POINT GUARD

So Wednesday went late, it actually went into Thursday morning where my tired self thought "Wait, Jared Effing Kushner premiered only 7 days ago?" Time flies, friends, it's almost midnight as I write this to you, and tomorrow after a massive writing binge (I'm knee deep writing a movie I'm excited to share with you all) and then off to the Garden State, New Jersey for more shenanigans (and Jersey pizza, don't sleep on New Jersey pizza, it's exceptional). It's kind of like that Bob Dylan lyric in "Tangled Up In Blue" "Me I am still on the road heading for another joint..." Maybe Bob has it all figured out....

Take care and be good,


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