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"We On Award Tour"-Tribe Called Quest

Friends, How is everything? As I type this it's a downright balmy 19 degrees (WTF). The Golden Globes were on last weekend, critics choice awards happened and Oscar Nominations are out soon. Not just those awards are poppin' all these awards are happening all over the place and luckily so, out of 4-5 of projects out this year that I've been blessed enough to work on, we've gotten some awards time love for THE OTHER RIPKEN.

Now really, I know sometimes it's kinda BS when people say "...well it's just nice to be nominated" and I've been guilty of dropping pretentious nonsense like that too at times, but in this case, we have a very silly film perfectly acted by a great cast, so to have something that was originally titles "F---face" and when it screened near Philadelphia (BIG UPS TA PHILLLLLY) at the beautiful Bryn Mawr Film Institute we were told by the audience,"This is just so wonderfully absurd" believe me that it is an honor beyond honor to be considered for awards with such great flicks that we've been mentioned with, some of our stops:

Cinema World Fest Awards! What's up Canada! Thank you for the love, but we lost the hell out of this award. But to be able to have some international love was fantastic, and I love luv luuuurrrrv Canada. I've visited Canada one time and my sister Megan came with me and I drank a few Molson XXX and then started break dancing. Surprisingly, since this moment my sister has still been willing to be seen in public with me.

Cineplay Film Awards. New York New York Big City of Dreams! We're up for this, but I hadn't heard from them, did they ghost me? It's all good, I spent tons of time in New York, I probably wouldn't have time to tell someone they lost either. Love you Cineplay, Love you New York. REALLY LOVE you 2 Brothers Pizza in St Marks Place (dollar pizza everyone, you can get 2 NY Slices and a Dr Pepper for 2.50 BEAT THAT NO SERIOUSLY BEAT THAT)

Filmmatic Awards! "West coast, west coast, west coast"-2Pac, no worries we lost this one too, but they were super nice about it and it was super close and we'd gotten some really great love for this film from the Bay Area. Love you Caliiiiii

Best Actors Film Fest! This nomination was really precious to me, I mean BEST ENSEMBLE is showing what I knew, that for this project, these actors were really really perfectly placed. I knew it, our produces knew it, we knew it in editing. To even even get a whiff of this one was really nice  (and 0-4 on noms, SERIOUSLY FRIENDS IT'S JUST NICE TO LAST THIS LONG) but we're getting closer and closer and closer and...

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Southern California! Since about 2007, I've always felt a kinship second home type vibe with Southern Cali (San Diego) so here's a shot at something an award nomination and based in pretty much perfect La Jolla California? Heck yes Indiefest, even if we lose this one, heck man, every day is sunny in La Jolla Califiornia, if you're gonna get a "you're good but not THAT good" rejection why not from a place with Sunshine?

So then THIS email happened: "Tim Carr (USA)The Other Ripken, Once again congratulations on your IndieFEST Award!  It is our sincere hope this recognition helps to move your project forward and open doors to new projects! As you know, awards and laurels can make all the difference!"

Alrigghhht! We got that one. Look, this journey is almost over and we're VERY close to being able to share this movie with the entire world. Awards, laughs, applause, long weird stares, I'm thankful for the love this fun little flick has gotten and we'll have it out for you all soon! Until then, have a Molson XXX and breakdance a little. I heartily approve.

Take care and be good,


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