"Lemme Get Some Action From The Back Section"-BEASTIE BOYS

"Hello everyone and thank you so much for watching our film "The Other Ripken", I sincerely hope that you enjoyed it. I want to thank Josue and the great staff and crew of the FOCD festival for having us. It's such an honor to have the film there and have it watched by all of you. Todays show, proves one thing, although I am currently 10,218 miles across the world from where you're all currently sitting, we are all very much the same when we can watch the same movies and laugh at the same things. Comedy knows no border, it knows no language, when we can all laugh together, the world doesn't feel so big, it can feel like we're all very close, and that's the power of laughter.

I know Bali is a beautiful place with great views and locations, you could look at anything, yet you looked at our film, and that is such an amazing honor, thank you all so much. Without an audience none of what we do is possible. Thank you for watching, thank you for laughing, thank you for being you. Please keep in touch, or on twitter @ParkingLotFilms, let's be friends and let's keep this world small! Enjoy the festival and thank you for being the most important part of the filmmaking process. All the best, Tim Carr (United States)"

Friends! How cool is this? "The Other Ripken" played Bali! I looked it up, baseball isn't even really a thing there, so funny enough, this flick's comedy may have introduced baseball to some new fans! I love that. I love loov lurv when our stuff plays far away lands that may not normally have seen it.We wrote that speech for the crowds. Such an honor.

So what's up all? I am sorry I have been crappy and inconsistent here, I have actually gotten some help to keep this a little more updated these days. So when you see an update like "LIVE PIC OF TIM EATING A SALAD" that's basically the help I'll be getting.

Movie wise, stuff's been great! The Other Ripken has been playing to such great crowds in such cool places. SUHANI, is coming out in November and "Christmas Again" premiered in Jersey last month and "Killingtons" is out soon too! 

Live and without a net wise, I've spent the last couple months goofing off in NYC with some VERRRRRY funny Upright Citizens Brigade casts doing some live stuff, some of these funny folks, I mean some of them are gut busting funny and only like 19 years old (I may have had jokes at 19, but probably not "make NYC laugh it's tushy off" type jokes) smart people, funny people all of 'em, always in awe of them.

Next few months as we wrap up our Ripken tour (end of that probably early 2017, as much as I'd love to go full Grateful Dead and tour festivals on it forever) been over here tinkering and writing a new flick or two. Writing wise, I just want to get something in front of cameras easily, movie meetings and agents can go on FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER (trust me I'm knee deep in one of those now) so something easy for actors to film and wrap something easy locations wise, that's the goal coming up here. Eddie Burns did that a couple different times, just made a list "locations I know I can get for free/cheap" etc etc and just wrote around that. So the future may be a little of that, less meetings, more working. If I can get something in front of cameras nice and smoothly, I'll do a happy dance and call it a win!

We also did this photo shoot with the always good and kind people at Rhamshackll Studios this week! I think this fine dog upstaged me and I am completely ok with that! 

Take care and be good,


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