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The last time I was in Reading, Pennsylvania I looked like Minnie Pearl and everyone kept asking me for my t shirt.

Come on everyone just once say it with me "HOOOWWWWW DEEEEEEE"

Wait, should I start from the beginning? Nah. Everything that sentence above is factually accurate but what the heck, let's take it from the top...
A few years ago I was on the ad campaign for Caress. It was a soap. Wait no, it was "body wash" which basically means it was soap but in shampoo form. This was no normal ad though my friends, this was an ad that we went on tour with. We'd hit shopping malls where fans would line for blocks and we'd show up and give things away. All of that was true except for the fans, and the people lining up for blocks. Normally I'd be in the middle of a mall, basically saying "Hi I'm Tim, you may remember me from a Caress ad, please have this free sample" and people would normally stare at me and either take a sample and drop it 3 feet later or just call me a dum dum and go about their business. The samples were EXACTLY this.

(try the blue, it makes you smell like happy)

Now the samples weren't the big draw here and trust me it sure as heck wasn't your buddy Timmah either. It was the tshirt I was wearing. Now it wasn't anything remotely interesting, it was a white shirt with flowers on it (YES I KNOW I LOOKED CHEESEY BUT THEY WERE PAYING ME) and "Caress" in the middle. That was it. Yet for some reason on this tour, I was bribed, threatened etc for it. In another city I was driving this huge Caress truck and I had to bang a three point turn in the middle of traffic (IT HAPPENS PLEASE DON'T JUDGE) and one angry driver yelled at me "HEY LEARN TO DRIVE YOU MOTHERFU-----WHOA LET ME GET ONE OF THOSE SHIRTS" (This happened). Reading was no different, for the shirt off my back, I was offered free gyros all weekend at a mall in Reading. Crazy right? I made that deal. Darn right I made that deal.
Seriously friends, so floral, floral like mofo
So with that being my last delightful and Gyro filled few days in Reading, I'm more than honored to be returning this weekend for the Reading Film Fest where "THE OTHER RIPKEN" will be kicking off this festival! Lots of flicks, lots of good folks, and I'll be there to hang out and tell you more CARESS stories (so many more, SO SO MANY MORE) or maybe no Caress stories but we can talk movies, Ripkens, and life. We kick off Friday 11/11/16 at 7:30pm! It is Veterans Day, and any Vet who wants to see "RIPKEN" let me know, your ticket is on me because I love ya and I'm grateful to ya.
So, hope to see my Reading PA friends this weekend, we plan on kicking off Reading Film Fest in the rowdiest laugh filled way. And who knows maybe we'll hit that mall gyro place afterwards...I'll go find one of those Caress flower shirts ASAP, we'll eat like Kings and Queens!
take care and be good,


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