"Whoever You Are, I want To Thank You"

Just a couple weeks ago, my friends and I did a show at Upright Citizens Brigade theater in NYC. It went great and there were laughs and good times had.

For me though, after a show like that, and after kicking around this business for a couple years, I’m star struck, not by the show, but by the crowds. I’m grateful. When anything in my life is happening, TV airings, screenings, sneak peeks (like a film I’m doing right now) or a live show, when, (movie preview voice) “in a worrrllllddd” where so much is going on, at any given time you could be doing anything, the fact people come out and pack a theater or venue, that’s what I take away, when LEAF started its tour a few years back (I know I know “about a month later than expected”) and we had some packed shows 2 straight weeks, one even after a blizzard, I took the Q&A from the theater to the parking lot in icy zero degree weather, because I was so star struck that so many great people cared to come out and hang out and see the film, there was no way I was leaving the venue that night without hearing everyone’s feedback and answering everyone’s questions. It blows me away, it will always blow me away. “Thank You” isn’t a big enough word, it just isn’t. So please know, whenever there’s a screening and anyone comes out, there are people star struck, but trust me it’s not the audience, it’s the people up front. I thank anyone and everyone who’s followed me along this journey, I always say “thank you”, sometimes I’ll bring an audience snacks and thanks, that’s not me trying to be silly or funny. That’s me, being blown away, anyone would give me a couple of hours. I’m thankful, I’m grateful, and my next film is about to start it’s tour here in the coming months (more on that later) and I assure you, during this tour I’ll answer every question, I’ll tell stories about how we made it, but really, what I really want to do is have a bowl of chips with each and every one of you and thank you so much, because you could be doing ANYTHING, and you’re out there with us. I’ll always be star struck by all of you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Your Friend, Tim

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