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I was minding my own business today. I was excited to have 3 films in post production, and 3 films that’ll come out in the next couple months, (The Bob Hawk movie is doing a sneak peek in Brooklyn on Friday 10/30 all! If you’re nearby, drop in! it’s FREEEEEEEE) likely all 3 “officially released” in 2016, all with different jobs on them too…one as producer, one I wrote and one I wrote and directed, those all have stories and fun stuff to talk about, and I’ll do that soon, but for some reason this link that was sent to me, right here struck me. November is “Write a Script in a Month Challenge” it goes on par with the same idea but “first draft of a novel”. I like the idea of it, why not right? I love the idea of something not existing on October 31st, but November 30th, there it is, a pile of pages looking right at you. I’m in. I’m going for it. Time scheduled for this, won’t be easy with other time and work commitments in November , but I’ve decided to do my work on this in my less-scheduled off hours, late at night (coffee coffee coffee) and worst case, if it’s unreadable dreck, it’s ok, no one has to see it. Best case? You open it up to read it and YOU HEAR ANGELS SINGING. Ok, maybe not angels (YET), it’s a first draft, those are normally hard to read, but maybe it’s something worth taking another look at after November expires. (by then it’ll be December and you know what that means? STAR WARS STAR WARS STAR WARS STAR WARS. Oh and holidays, but mostly STAR WARS STAR WARS STAR WARS STAR WARS HAND SHOT FIRST STAR WARS STAR WARS)

But look, if it’s not a book or screenplay, let’s just all jump in and write something, write ANYTHING. Songs? GREAT. Shopping lists? Cool. Journal entries? Cool. Top 5 lists? LOVE THEM. I’m jumping down this rabbit hole. I invite you all to jump with me. Everyone plans on using the #ZD30SCRIPT tag, just to keep fellow challenge takers in on how it’s all going. I’ll use it when I babble about (I babble about it more on twitter @Tim_Carr than Facebook, but I do babble on both…and I babble often) I’m going something brand new from scratch. But whatever it is, let’s all jump in on it, and let me know how it’s all going! You can do it, I know you can and why not? It’ll be something in out there in the world that hasn’t been put out there before. FAIR WARNING: like any first draft of anything (many call this THE VOMIT DRAFT), if you get halfway through it and decided that you hate it, want to set it on fire and punch yourself in the face, IT MEANS YOU’RE DOING GREAT, KEEP GOING, it’s only a first draft anyway, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just get that idea or thought down. Don’t give up and let’s all try and get something written in some way shape or form. Why not? Some new ideas and thoughts in the world never hurt. Let’s gooooooooo.

Now who’s got the coffee?

Take care and be good, Tim

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