“But you better be careful
You still got to watch yourself
You wanna be crazy
So you wanna go crazy
Let's go crazy”-THE CLASH

“Ice-T is the only person who does things that completely jeopardize his career just to stay awake.”-Chuck D

WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT PICTURE ALL ABOUT? That’s a still shot from a one man show I’ve been doing called “Barrel on Broadway”. We’ve been doing it in NYC, but the long term goal of it is to travel with it a bit, but not so much a “tour schedule”, the idea behind it is sort of a “POP UP SHOW” where maybe that day or night before we announce it, do it for free, get some laughs, hoot and holler a bit and have some fun. Each show will always be different, it’s all improvised, we’ve talked about some pretty nutty stuff, all through the character of “Barrel Richards” where a review came in that described that character of Barrel as “a cross between Jeff Foxworthy and Adam Sandler” which isn’t too far off really…

But things like Barrel, things like this upcoming film “Charm City”, these are definitely some “less than safe” projects, and I realized I may have been playing it too safely career wise lately. Last summer, I was in for a big television show, and they just kept bringing me back in, great right? (believe me I’m not complaining about this, many worse things than an acclaimed show liking you)? Just over and over and over, this was my summer, just traveling to this amazing TV show, each time, because the nature of this show evolved so quickly where characters would change, written in/written out etc etc, and I started banging my head against the wall “another trip where things change last minute just over and over again” and realized, the key after locking myself into so much on this, was to stop looking for “the hit”. The philosophy to a lot of this in showbiz is “get a hit, something that makes money, gets mainstream and it’ll be easier to get your more personal stuff done.” So I got hung up in there, looking for a home run swing, when really, maybe the base hit is what wins the game. I dug into some “less guaranteed” projects, less commercial stuff. I got back on stage, we’re about to finish a film I think is so funny but is it “funny ha ha” or “funny WHOA WHAT AM I WATCHING”? That’s for you all to decide, but it’ll be out soon. I’m writing a pilot, with a fantastic actress, one you may have not seen on the screen in a while but is as good as it gets, I’d love to get a very dark script “Steven on a Monday” in front of a camera this year, I’ll be back for another season of fun with Upright Citizens Brigade in the spring, I think what makes things go is to have that feeling of possible failure, the feeling of uncertainty the feeling of “oh man is this going to not work?” but that’s exciting, that feeling is a good feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be honest and still chase that hit from time to time, but maybe not make it THE focus. So that’ll be my 2015, my “year of living a little more dangerously” who knows where this’ll go, but I’m jumping right in. Hope to see you all on the other side…

Take care, be good, and live a little dangerously,

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