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Holly Hunter and F--khead Think I Cater

Every once in a while on HBO or something I'll see a flick I worked on, but was cut out of...The other night it was this flick called JESUS' SON.

Jesus' Son

Now I'm not 100 ure I got cut out of it because I never saw any screenings and never took the time to sit though it. I DO know that I didn't see any residual it's pretty likely my scene was cut, which is fine by me, because I got a pretty good story out of it.

We shot this overnight on a Monday...I was supposed to show up, do my scene and then leave because EARLY the next morning I had to be in NYC for some commercial or something (I remember my manager getting more excited about the commercial than the film, because the commercial was paying better) Either way....I get there at about 9pm, and we're shooting in Jersey somewhere. I get my retro 70's clothes from the Wardrobe department and I'm just hanging around. I end up in the food line, and low and behold, there's Academy Award winner HOLLY HUNTER trying to get my attention...

Living Out Loud

Holly Hunter. Not a Tim Carr fan.

So I'm dressed like a fool, and just figure maybe she's want to talk about the scene so I walk over to her, and she asks "what kind of fish are you serving?" I look at my costume, which was like red slacks and some goofy button up and said "My name's Tim I'm working with you tonight on the scene" and she responds with "is it white?" Baffled I respond, "Is ...what white?" Holly looks at me, and calmly says "the fish, is it white fish?" At this point I didn't want to piss anyone off, especially Holly I walked up to see if the f---kin fish they were serving was white.

So finally it's time comes, and I'm shooting my scene. They give me cigarettes. I don't smoke. Then I realized. I lied in the audition and told them anything they wanted to hear..."Tim are you smoker?" "Yes Mr/Miss Casting Agent I smoke all the time, I love it. Smoking makes me a better and cooler person."

So now I have to smoke. They give me "clove" cigarrettes and I'm hacking and coughing through my one line and just pissing everyone off. Billy Crudup is next to me and keeps saying "I am f---khead I am f--khead"** I finally stop hacking, do my line and when they yell cut I'm giving the rest of the cigarrette to the extras. then I heard that I just missed Dennis Hopper by one day and Jack Black was going to be on set the next day. Crudup isn't talking to anyone and keeps saying "F--khead**", it's 3am and I finally finish up. So I drink some water, bursh my teeth and go to the food line, and I'm not joking, Holly Hunter calls me over. This time I'm out of my 70's wardrobe and I walk over and I'm thinking she's going to say "Good job, Smokey McSmokerson" Nope.

"What kind of eggs are you serving us tonight?"

I wish I was making that up.


** Turns out F--kHead was Billy Crudup's name in the movie. Who knew?

Jesus' Son, Wall Poster, 40x30

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