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A funny story happened a few years back, and I'd just told someone this, and I figure it may be worth sharing....


So I get a huge break a few years back and my manager at the time calls me and asks, since I was in NYC at the time if I'd like to stop in and audition to be a "bit player" on HBO's accalimed "THE CHRIS ROCK SHOW". I'm a fan of Chris Rock's, so I figured...why not? Give it a shot...

The Best of the Chris Rock Show, Vols. 1 & 2

So I get there a little early, just to make sure I had time to prepare for the producers of teh show...this waiting room was INSANE, there was an Elvis Impersonator, older and younger folks of every ethnicity, and me. I guess they were looking for a broad spectrum of the head producer comes out and says "we're going to bring you all in at once, we want to hear your comic delivery, here's a list of 5 jokes, just pick one and tell it". Easy enough right? Me being stupid, and since I signed it first I had to go first, all the jokes were sort of lame, so I just went with the joke that I could just maybe sort of make funny in it's delivery (just for the record I can't remember my joke). So we walk, me, the elvis impersonator and about 7 other folks. I go up first, do my joke, for all I know it probably sucked. Then each person, as diverse and unique as they all were, told there joke in 100% Chris Rock style. EVERYONE. The Elvis guy would say "why did the cjicken cross the road? to get to the other muthaf--kin side" and old grandmother told some joke that's punchline ended "all three" and she stood up and said "all f----kin three of those f---kers" Really, it was obscene and sort of funny. They were way better than me, but I didn't know that I could curse! So about 20 minutes later and after I'd heard the F word about 70 times, they thanked us for our time. 2 weeks later it was announced the Chris Rock Show wouldn't be back for another season. Either way anytime I see Chris Rock on tv, I just think of that obscene and bizarre audition.

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