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I know that this time of year is so awkward trying to be poltically correct...which songs do I play?When I send out my well wishes... Is it Merry Christmas? Season's Greetings or Happy Holidays? Really it doesn't matter, as long as your listening to the great Nate McDonald cd's "Christmas Candles".

The Notorious N.A.T.E.

Nate recorded a holiday classic last year. With the help of some buddies as well as a lot (and I'm talking A LOT) of help from some Miller Lite, he made the most twisted and hilarious selection of holiday tunes you'll ever hear. You will laugh out loud, I will have copies, and word is, he does a cover of the greatest holiday song ever, RUN DMC's "Christmas in Hollis". I think with that knowledge alone, his second cd will just sell itself!

Too bad about the bad weather this week, but I think moving the screening of "A Deeper Shade of Soul" may have been a cool move, this way it gets it's "2006" release date. More on that to come. But in the meantime, I did want to extend to anyone who may skim this blog from time to time, I am handing out free demo soundtracks. So if anyone is interested, just send me a message with your address and I'll send one out to you free of charge! Here's the track listing...these are all the songs used in "A Deeper Shade of Soul" as well as a 2003 film called"The Wrong Fortune Cookie".

1. The Royales- "About You". Rick Royale is a great guy and a really friggin good musician...he has a label over at there are free links to some of his solo stuff, which is unbelievable, I can't believe this guy is still "under the radar".

2. The Scatologists- "Whistle While You Work". Been to a million of their shows when I was younger fellow. Unfortunately they are no more, however fortunately, they've become mythic. For good reason, the song craftmanship, the musicians, everything, just worked for them. Greg Fain, the lead singer, is not only a buddy of mine, but also has a role (and new song) in "Deeper Shade..." and I'm also talking to him about coming aboard another project next year.

3. Godley George- "The Great Mistaker". Everyone makes Morrissey comparisons on this song. This is a group of guys from all over. They recorded this cd and broke up. Lead singer Martin Radzetta told me he hates this cd. I don't know, I dug it and the songs he let me use from it, really help ste the tone for some of the movie. Again, another great band that is no more. I'd use a website, but the only one I have is his family's business, and that is a funeral home, so it may not be the place to post that.

4. The Scatologists-"Narcotic". This song's unbelievable intro...that jangly guitar really made a big scene even better in this little film called "The Wrong Fortune Cookie"

5.North Sea Story-"Old Crow". I hated that I had to cut this song from the movie. This is a great cd, it's all over the place and there are about 147 people in this band, they have a site over  Really, try these guys out. If anything just drop an e-mail to DISH. He'll write you back, he's a nice guy and he did this painting...

Dish's painting. See? There is some culture on this blog.

6. The Scatologists-"Skank For Your Life". This is they're big "crowd pleaser" song, they were kind enough to let me use a portion of it...when you hear it in the movie...get ready for greatness because that's when you get to see this man dance to it:

7.Diatribe-"Singin in the Reign". Okay I'm a little biased, half of this band I've known since junior high, and the bassplayer Kevin is among my "friends" list (and he should be on your friends list too...go ahead and add him and say hello), and although they're on "hiatus" you can check out what they're up to over they were very kind to be the first band to ever let me use their music, and I wore a tee shirt advertising them in the "Wrong Fortune Cookie".

8. The Scatologists-"Mangled". yep I use a ton of their tunes...the reason though is, with the horn section, the guitar, the vocal, you'd never know I'm using the same band over and over...they're sound is very diverse.

9.Godley George "Crayon". Sort of a sad little tune, but it works so well in the "sad little scene".

10. The Scatologists "Everybody Needs Something". This, in my opinion, is their finest moment, just an amazing song from the first second it plays. I'm really lucky they let me have it in a film, I still listen to this tune a lot. Probably one of my favorites on this "super duper free soundtrack".

11. Godley George "Head in the Basement" This was the song that had me trying to track down Martin in Long Island, New York to ask him for permission. Even my editor Patrick (who has become a pretty big Godley George fan since working on the film) asked "how did you find the perfect song for this scene?" Which is always nice to hear.

12. Paul Westerberg "As Far as I Know". We all know Paul is the man, and nothing was a bigger rush than they day I heard back from his record company saying "sure use the tune", when really I was expecting to hear "Hi Tim, Paul says f--k off. Have a pleasant day".

13. The Martians "4th of July" I cut the scene this song where this song was used, but it's a really fun pop-punk tune and deserved to be included anyway. Plus the bass player and I were in "Species 2". Let's never ever talk about "Species 2" again.

14. Diatribe "Which Dr?" I was going to use in the ending credits for "The Wrong Fortune Cookie"...a really fun song sung by fellow My Space/Facebook member Kevin T (seriously everyone send him a note and say hello) it's such a good ska tune, you sort of just want to stop whatever your doing and do that silly "I hope no one is watching me" dance. C'mon, everyone has one of those dances.

So that's the soundtrack, no money involved, I just wanted to get these guys some more exposure, so a free cd if anyone wants one.

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