Cousin Casey on MAD MONEY

Has anyone seen this show "Mad Money"?  Basically it's this mad man right here...









The crazy spaz guy from "MAD MONEY"

And his schtick is, that he roams around the soundstage drooling, ranting and raving and yelling about finances or whatever...I stop when I'm flipping the channels because the guy looks like his head is going to explode at any minute. Well this show had a whole new reason to tune in the other night...when my cousin Casey appeared on it. Casey looks just like this...

Four pictures of Casey.

And he started off by greeting this crazy guy buy saying "A Garden State boo ya" I don't know what that means, but it was random and funny, and I'm proud and glad he blurted it out on national television. I can't believe the crazy guy didn't just bite his head off on the spot. I may have a link for that in a few days. It was nice to see Casey survive that show with his head entact.

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